Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I am not a blogger. I use Facebook perhaps once every 2 weeks or so, and I am not known for being public about, well, anything. Yet, I feel that this is the best approach to this volunteer project, because it is paperless and easy to keep up with.

Anyway, a little background information is necessary to get this project going. My name is Holly, and I am a freshman at the University of St. Thomas. My current path is that of the pre-med double major of Biology and Philosophy, the former being my ultimate passion and the latter being an intriguing subject that has been growing on me quite quickly. For Intro to Cell and Molecular Biology, students are required to undertake a Service Learning project for 10 hours throughout the semester, and such a project must have a scientific background. The choices for this project are to either tutor in underserved Houston area schools or to find another project and have it approved. As much as I love children and helping them, I am rather dreadful at explaining things and would be, as a teacher, more of a hindrance than a help; people who know me personally have found that I have a talent for being very confusing. So, I must find an alternative that will put what talents I do have (save stupefaction, which is useful for no good) to work in order to benefit others.

My current idea for this project is to volunteer at my old school district's free health clinic for students. I went there on a couple of occasions, to be vaccinated for school and for bronchitis, and I have found their services to be wonderful despite the lack of workers and proliferation of children who require their help. My mother is a school nurse within the district and has expressed her admiration of the nurse practitioner who heads the clinic, for it is apparently a very stressful and thankless job. Therefore, I would enjoy helping the people who work there so that the most children can be treated and less people will have to be turned away due to time constraint.

So I conclude this blog entry in the hopes that its wishes will become fulfilled. May God bless you, reader, in everything you do.
Sincerely, Holly (1/17/12)