Friday, April 20, 2012


So, this project is definitely one of the highlights of my semester. It took a huge amount of time and effort (I don't even want to bother counting the hours, but they are far more than 10), but I relished every second I put into this. I got to help children with cancer by doing something I truly enjoy, and what could be more satisfying than putting your talents to use for the good of someone who needs it?
I want to encourage anyone who can host an event, whether it be a bake sale, car wash, marathon, etc. for Cookies for Kids' Cancer. These people are truly inspirational and have made me all the more glad I decided to undertake this project. You can even just ask your friends and family to go online and donate to the organization directly by making an online giving page for yourself.
I definitely want to do this again, perhaps once a semester but definitely once a year. I would even like to coordinate the projects of future first-year biology students so that they can benefit from this experience, as well. Just thinking about it gets me excited all over again!
Reader, thank you for following me on my journey. I hope it was fun for you, because it definitely was for me. I'll keep this blog up for as long as I do these projects, so look forward to it!
Farewell and God bless you on this day!

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  1. Holly,

    what a joy to read your blog and especially to hear how much your efforts raised for the cause. What an amazing job! Good work - you should be so very proud. Whenever you have a bake sale for this in the future, please remember to stop by the bio department. All the profs love cookies, and we'll take some of them off your hands - gladly!

    Well done!